Asheville Topless Child Abuse
Topless, shameless, and lawless...
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What you are about to see contains adult content and disturbing images of activities that occurred on public property in Asheville, NC.  Discretion is advised.


On  August 21, 2011, the City of Asheville and our Police Department, various media outlets, GoTopless.Org, event participants, and parents conspired to support child abuse on public property.


They have subsequently conspired to deny and avoid accountability for their actions and impact.


This report is devoted to illuminating the conspirators…



"The guilty catch themselves"   Proverbs

Striptease on Asheville's city fountain-


So what really happened?

GoTopless.Org decided to have a celebration promoted as a protest...

“Come join us in Asheville, NC where we will celebrate National GoTopless Day in Pack Square at 1PM.”


Asheville City Public Events guidelines were violated from the start-

"An organized rally, versus an independent protest, will typically include elements that do require special permitting. A larger, organized gathering versus an independent, non-commercial speech activity may place the producer in a position of liability for public safety and accommodation including the development of an emergency action plan. Commonly regulated event components such as structural additions, street, sidewalk and parking closures, electricity access, as well as specific reservations of property require approval through the outdoor special event permitting process."

The event on 8-20-11 was a non-permitted street festival –


Not a protest...


Then the media decided this event should be promoted before the fact...

Topless Protest Set for Asheville
Asheville Citizen-Times - August 17, 2011
John Boyle and Mat Payne

ASHEVILLE — Female activists for gender equality plan to bare their breasts — and ask men to cover theirs — Sunday in Pack Square Park downtown.

The women will be protesting what they consider unfair laws and social stigmas restricting women’s right to go topless. The protest is one of many across the nation organized by, a U.K.-based website.

“We just want to raise awareness about this inequality,” said Livienne Love, the local protest organizer. “I know that women may be uncomfortable doing this, and that’s part of the issue.”

While they may be uncomfortable, they won’t be breaking the law, according to Police Department spokesman Wally Welch. “They can breast away,” said Lt. Welch. “It’s not a crime.”

The North Carolina statute that covers indecent exposure bans the exposure of “private parts,” specifically “external organs of sex or excretion.” That only covers body parts below the waist, Welch said.

Click here to read more in this temporary Asheville Citizen-Times link-

That promotion became an invitation to a party...

The media worked hard to pretend something different...

Concerned men using cameras to honor women performing at the event...

“In response to the child abuse complaint filed with Buncombe County DSS, the city says the law was not broken.” WWNC

Male participant fondling a female performer on the city fountain.

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